Soaker Mesh Outdoor UV Packable Sun Hat

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Soak up the sun without sacrificing your comfort in our Solair Soaker Mesh Sun Hat. This hat is the ideal Summer hat. Water-resistant with a soakable liner to keep you cool during the hottest of days. Dunk it in an ice chest in the heat of the summer, and you will be the coolest in your crew! The nylon mesh and polyester exterior keeps the water out, while the laminated liner absorbs water, when you want it to. Packable and crushable, it's the perfect travel companion for those summer or tropical adventures. To pack this hat in a suitcase, fold the brim up on the sides of the hat (like a taco), lay it on its side, and stuff socks inside the crown of the hat so it doesn't get squashed flat (It is important to note that, after unpacking your hat, it may not return to its original perfect shape).

- Wide-brimmed and UPF 50 for ultimate protection from the sun and rain

- Soakable liner and water-resistant exterior

- Able to be packed and crushed and still hold its shape

- Chin strap included with each purchase

- Brim 2 3/4" Crown 3 3/4"

- Mesh

- Removable Sweatband

- Made in California, USA

  • Lifetime warranty on all hats. When you buy a hat from us, we got you covered for life. Did the hat stretch/shrink? Did something unravel? We'll make it right. We stand behind all our products and have easy to reach customer service.

  • Easy to reach customer service. We don't hide behind a website. We love our customers and we're happy to resolve any concerns you may have. Simply give us a call at 1-800-642-3428 and we'll be happy to help you with anything you need.

  • Built to last. While the other guys cut corners on quality to increase their margins, we don't believe in that. Even if you sweat a lot, it won't hurt the hat. This is thanks to an integrated sweat band that comes with every hat. Rain isn't a problem either. All our hats are also extremely resistant to water; rain will simply run off. Our hats are held to the strictest quality standards and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Hat will hold its shape. They are guaranteed to hold their shape, and will not stretch/shrink with everyday wear. Please do not mistreat our hats, however, by leaving them locked in a car on a 90° summer day. But, even in that worst case scenario, the hat shape can be restored by resting it on a coffee can.


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