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Pepper Spray | Sweetheart

Bling Sting Pepper Spray | Sweetheart
Bling Sting Pepper Spray | Smokeshow
Bling Sting Pepper Spray | Sweetheart
Bling Sting Pepper Spray | Smokeshow
Pepper Spray | Sweetheart

BLINGSTING Pepper Spray is compact, durable, lightweight and maximum self-defense power. With a swipe-safety lock to prevent misfires and a sturdy lobster clip that easily attaches to any keychain, purse, or bag - it’s sparkly cute like a purse charm! Non-lethal personal protection trusted by parents, gifted to women, and girls love to carry. Dad approved, but hey, this is not your dad's pepper spray!

Serious Product Highlights

  • 1/2 ounce pepper spray with ultra-violet staining dye
  • Lab verified, maximum strength, one of the highest concentrations in the category
  • 1.4 % major capsaicinoids (MC), 10% OC concentration, & 2MM scoville heat units (SHU)
  • Hold, point and spray a direct stream, up to 12-feet, & 12-15 shot-bursts per canister
  • Order refills before the expiration date printed on canisters
  • Protection from aggressive dogs outside palace walls
Have you met a Mama Bear before? She's like BLINGSTING - cute and lovable on the outside, but expect an ass-whooping slap-down for trying to mess with her cubs. BLINGSTING's pepper spray formula is the maximum allowable legal strength - often called 'police-strength' because it's the same strength the police force carries. Pepper spray is not a toy, even when it sparkles. Miss-use of pepper spray is a punishable crime, like jail-time in orange, and seriously, not cute.

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