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Large Pop It Fidget

Large Pop It Fidget
Large Pop It Fidget
Large Pop It Fidget
    • 【Big Size Pop Bubble Fidget Toy】 Our Pop fidget toys are 40% larger than ordinary Pop fidget toys, with 256Bubbles, you can have more fun in each round, and provide more choices and entertainment.
    • 【Unique Popping Feeling】 These fidget poppers create a satisfying popping sound that soothes your ears, while the soft silicone texture of each pop has a pampering effect on your fingertips, helping relax your body and mind, eliminate stress and anxiety!
    • 【New Gameplay】 Players can press any bubble in any row, whoever presses the last bubble is the loser, and can exercise children's mathematical thinking, reasoning strategy, mental arithmetic, logical thinking and fine motor skills.
    • 【High-quality Materials】 This fidget push pop toy is designed with safety and user-friendly experience in mind. It is made of high-quality food-grade silicone, 100% safe, washable and flexible materials that can be used for many years!
    • 【Perfect Gift】 Think about whether you or the people around you often feel anxious, stressed, and irritable. Then this is definitely the perfect gift, push pop relaxes the mind and Restore the mood with a never ending popping sensation, suitable for adults, children, believe me, this will bring you endless fun!

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